MMMR Compliance

MMMR Compliance


Honesty, integrity and transparency is our primary objective in all facets of our business operations at MMMR. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service that aligns with our mission, vision and company values, while complying with all governmental regulations.

  • MMMR monitors the latest initiatives and guidelines to ensure strict compliance with all state and federal regulations.
  • MMMR maintains a business compliance program which includes annual security and privacy training for all associates.
  • MMMR’s coding team is either AHIMA or AAPC certified and receives rigorous internal training onCMS coding guidelines.
  • MMMR’s dedicated auditing staff that works to ensure compliance and quality. The coding staff maintains an accuracy rate of 95% or higher.
  • MMMR audits all provider documentation for quality and compliance with routine feedback provided through monthly reporting to each provider (referred to as Provider Billing Compliance Reports).


Millennium Medical Management Resources, Inc. has developed and follows a Business Conduct Compliance Program as a tangible expression of our commitment to conducting business and providing all of our services in full compliance with the many federal, state and local laws and standards that impact coding and billing.

We believe that the general public, our customers and our employees have a right to expect that we act ethically and honestly, and we acknowledge our accountability as a corporation to assure that we have mechanisms available to assure that the rules of our Business Conduct Compliance Program are maintained.

Our Compliance Program includes orientation for all employees, with routine monitoring to assess compliance with the requirements of individual work products and environment. We also provide ongoing monitoring of patient care documentation that we code for our clients, and trended reports of results of that monitoring.