HIPAA Privacy Compliance

HIPAA Privacy Compliance

Hipaa regulations manual with patient documents.  All labels and/or documents are fictitious.  Names, serial numbers, and/or dates, are random and any resemblance to actual products is purely cooincidental.

As a Business Associate of health care providers covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and its implementing regulations at 45 CFR Parts 160 and 164 (“HIPAA”), Millennium Medical Management Resources, Inc. has a contractual obligation to protect the privacy and security of the health information, defined as Protected Health Information (“PHI”) under HIPAA, that it obtains on behalf of its clients.

We implement these Health Information Privacy Polices and Procedures as a matter of sound business practice, in order to meet our contractual obligations and to protect the interests of our clients and their patients under HIPAA.

Our Privacy Officer develops, maintains, and oversees implementation of all HIPAA Privacy policies and manuals. She administers and enforces all HIPAA Privacy Compliance issues, conducts audits, and oversees HIPAA Privacy education and documentation for all of Millennium’s associates.

Security Compliance Statement

Millennium meets or exceeds all HIPAA requirements regarding electronic transaction security by utilizing Vitalwork’s Prism Version 8.2 Billing Software, which has been certified CLAREDI compliant with both 835 and 837 type sets. As a result, all medical claims sent in electronic format by Millennium, on behalf of its clients, meet the HIPAA Security Standards’ criteria.

In addition, Millennium has established an Electronic Transmission Security Policy Manual (ETSPM). The ETSPM covers the security of PHI transmitted to collection agencies for payments on behalf of Millennium’s clients, e-mails regarding patients’ accounts, as well as all other electronically transferred information. Millennium’s efforts insure that electronic transfer of PHI is secure.